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Sasha & Jamie

To us, Courtney, Alyssa and Christina are far more than service providers.  They are an integral and talented part of the support team working together to help our special needs children thrive in a neurotypical world.  Over the past three years, our children have received therapeutic services under the leadership and management of Courtney, Alyssa and Christina at the organization they previously worked for.   The services have all been very high quality and uniquely tailored to each of our kids.  We also trust them to ensure the specialists they match to our kids are an excellent fit.  Another big differentiator is this team's ability to work with insurers on our behalf.  They do so much work behind the scenes and take care of nearly all the paperwork so that we can focus on the core of our roles as parents.  This is an enormous value add.  In short, it is a pleasure working with this team.  Most importantly, the services provided have given our kids the individualized skills and support they need to truly progress in their social and behavioral development. 

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