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Our Programs

Our approach is adapted through the hearts, minds, and intentions of our team and your family to collectively build a bridge to your child’s true potential. During your initial meeting with our team, we seek to understand your child’s needs, your family dynamic and empathize with where you are on your journey.

Early Childhood Autism Program

Our program allows for children to feel confident and successful in a setting that mimics a typical preschool and kindergarten, where they gain confidence alongside their peers, or tribe, who have their own skills and gifts to teach each other.


Intensive in-Home & Community Autism Program

This program is designed to provide the necessary support for children with a diagnosis of Autism, to allow for them to confidently and successfully navigate their home and community settings with a greater sense of belonging, purpose, independence and functionality.

Occupational Therapy

Through utilizing methods that are as unique as each child, our team understands the importance of our sensory system in building a strong foundation to aid in each child’s overall learning and development as a whole. It is with this strong foundation that we are able to scaffold and create higher-level learning opportunities within the home, center, classroom and community around us. 

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