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About Us

Somewhere Over the Spectrum is a holistic center that provides intensive therapeutic programming services to children with Autism. Somewhere Over the Spectrum utilizes a variety of different methodologies, practices and foundations to create comprehensive programming for each child. Our clinical staff and therapists are able to holistically support each child's programming within a comprehensive and dynamic approach. At Somewhere Over the Spectrum, there is a land full of acceptance, awareness, understanding and love for these children, who we feel have the most exceptional minds in the world.

Mission Statement

It is with the right intention, together for our children, for our families, and for each other, that we have the ability to empower a world of acceptance, awareness, understanding and love, across, and over the spectrum.


Our Logo

We wanted to create a logo capturing our vision and intention for Somewhere Over the Spectrum, this land of acceptance we hoped to create for the Autism Community. In researching rainbows, we found a clue that solidified our desire to use this as the symbol for our new home.


Did you know that rainbows are actually circles? However in our world, we never really see a full rainbow. We perceive them as arcs, or semi-circles, because of the limitations of our perspective, as the horizon gets in the way. However, from above, they can be viewed as the whole circle in totality, the most brilliant sight that one could wish to see!  

Sometimes, our children with Autism are perceived in this similar fashion, with society's perspective acting as the horizon that impedes the views of their brilliant totality. There are all of these parts of their amazing and beautiful souls that we, as a society, don’t always gain awareness and understanding of, that is until we evolve our vision. At Somewhere Over the Spectrum we see the whole circle, the whole rainbow, of each child that we work with and help for all of our children’s gifts to be seen and appreciated, to be realized and revealed, to themselves, their families, our community and the world.


Our Arcs

Our arcs are our spectrums of light and strength that help Somewhere Over the Spectrum to be recognized as the integrative holistic center that we embody.



We lead with our hearts, we empathize with the roads that families have traveled to arrive at our doors. Our team understands that each family's journey is distinct, and that the path ahead should not be taken in solidarity. At Somewhere Over the Spectrum, we build your tribe and facilitate a supportive community to walk alongside you on your journey.



Intensive intervention allows our team to create increased learning opportunities, supporting each child to push past their barriers and challenges. We optimize each moment our children are with us to provide intensive and individualized services that build up their skill repertoires. Our ABA services are provided between 20-40 hours per week, based on medical necessity, as our intensive programming front-loads skills with increased learning opportunities to support development during pliable times within a child’s life.



Our center-based approach allows for our team to be truly present with each and every child and family. This model provides the opportunity for intensive and continuous BCBA supervision and team oversight, supporting the constant evolution and growth of your child’s programming. We are able to design each moment with intention and purpose through the structure of the program and integrative holistic center.



From the first meeting with our team, we seek to learn and discuss your child, their individual interests, desires, passions and who they wish to be. Our programming embraces each child's gifts and strengths; with no limits to their potential, our children soar with their skill development in a supportive, empowering and naturalistic environment.



Our holistic approach allows our team to identify your child’s unique gifts and strengths, and uses those to build a bridge to where their skills may be underdeveloped, or need more explicit forms of teaching for them to learn. We go beyond understanding our children’s minds and skills, we dive into understanding their heart-minds, where we can truly see the child in totality and help them to find their greatest true self.

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