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Our Founders

Through collectively over 30 years of understanding and insight, the founders of Somewhere Over the Spectrum defy the traditional ABA paradigm and have a steadfast belief in an individualized, holistic and naturalistic model of ABA, suited to not only your child’s needs, but your needs as a family overall.  

The founders have the experience to set a course for Somewhere Over the Spectrum with their dynamic, flexible and evolutionary  approach to creating a visionary unique center for Autism, to partner and walk alongside each family on their journey.

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Alyssa Greig

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Alyssa has worked in the field of Autism since 1998 in a variety of settings including home, center-based and international services, including supervision and oversight of behavioral programming and staff. Alyssa received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and taught public school in Manhattan before focusing her career on the field of Autism, her passion and purpose. She later pursued graduate coursework in Speech Language Pathology, to better understand and support children with Autism and their communication needs.

Alyssa experienced a devastating illness for many years, which forever changed the course of her life, but allowed her to return with an even stronger desire to be of service and a unique ability to empathize with the children and families within the Autism community. 

Alyssa has recently served as ABA Program Director and Clinical Director and now guides Somewhere Over the Spectrum through her many years of experience, clinical vision, financial oversight and heart-centered, holistic approach to Autism and supporting children and their families.

Courtney Welch

Founder, Chief Operations Officer & Operations Director

Courtney has worked within the field of healthcare and pediatric therapy since 2013 in a variety of different capacities and roles, working with clients and families, operations management, and marketing and outreach.


Courtney received her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences and completed coursework in Behavior Analysis. Courtney holds a Master of Business Administration, MBA, in Healthcare Management. 

Courtney now guides Somewhere Over the Spectrum with her expertise in orchestrating various departments and systems ensuring all operations are flowing smoothly.  She possesses a strong ability to share her vision and passion with others, creating meaningful community relationships and supporting and empowering families.

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Christina Welch

Founder, Chief Clinical Officer & Clinical Director

Christina has a dynamic background and vast skill set; her professional experiences include working in a variety of settings from university support services, working within The Jackson Laboratory, a prestigious research facility, and managing and coordinating client services at a pediatric therapy clinic.


Christina received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Bioinformatics and went on to complete her Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. Christina is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in the State of Connecticut. 


Christina held a variety of positions at a pediatric therapy clinic in her former management position, providing coordination and oversight of the clinic's programs, services and therapeutic staff. She has the ability to integrate clinical practices into an accessible and functional system understandable to all, to empower clients, staff and families and is eager to bring these skills to Somewhere Over the Spectrum. 

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