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Intensive In-Home &
Community Program


Our Intensive In-Home & Community ABA Programs provide support to our clients ranging between the ages of 16 months and 12 years of age.  The program is designed to provide the necessary support for children with a diagnosis of Autism to allow for them to confidently and successfully navigate their home and community settings with a greater sense of belonging, purpose, independence and functionality.


Program Details

  • Each child’s BCBA provides supervision and oversees their programming to assure goals and targets are supportive of the home and/or educational environments and continuously align with the common vision and intention for your child.

  • Our children are able to work on generalizing their skills across individuals and settings as they prepare for the next steps in their journey, whether it be an educational setting, vocational program or continued programming.

  • Community settings can include, but are not limited to, preschools, daycare centers, private schools, homeschool and homeschool groups.

  • Regular Parent/Guardian meetings to assure continuity and communication across all other providers.

  • Our intensive in-home and community ABA services are provided between 15-40 hours per week, based on medical necessity.

Inquire And Contact

Our center is waiting to help you find the right direction and path for your family.

We will help navigate your insurance and make a comprehensive plan, submitting all necessary documents and assessments to request authorization for services and keep you abreast of timelines to prepare for your child’s entry into our program.


If you are interested in learning more about our Intensive In-Home and Community Programming, please reach out to us directly or inquire below.

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