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The guidance, support, and experience of Alyssa, Courtney, and Christina have been nothing short of a miracle for me and my family, and yet to simplify this journey as such would be discrediting all of the countless hours of hard work these professionals have put into helping us be where we are today. My son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at 3 years old, which was considered late in the ASD world. We struggled with everything! I had no idea as his mom where to begin and how to get my son the help he deserved. At three years of age my son could only say the number 17. He screamed, he grunted, and he screamed some more, but that was it. Desperate, helpless and overwhelmed we ended up at the beginning of our journey with our miracle team!  I will never forget the day Ms. Alyssa came into our world. Her and my son sat at our kitchen table and for 30 minutes straight said nothing but the number 17. They said it with high pitched voices as well as low monster voices and for 30 minutes my son laughed and engaged in his very first conversation. My son can now use functional language to express his needs. He can tell me his likes and dislikes.  He is now able to shine with the light he was born to shine with and it is because of these three women.  They gave him the words he so desperately was searching for. They gave him the strategies to get through the sensory overload, and even conquered the world of potty training. When I asked Ms. Alyssa what made her so successful in opening the box of my son’s mind, and she very simply put, because I SEE HIM. She told me she doesn’t see his autism first, or his sensory overload, or his inability to sit still or make eye contact. She saw him, as my Santos, as a wonderfully inquisitive little boy who just had so many feelings and emotions, but not the words to communicate them. Years later, my daughter would also be diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Once again the ladies rallied around my family. They gave me the tools and resources to help empower my daughter and for her to feel comfortable in her own skin. This was accomplished by also allowing her to be her most authentic self, and giving her the tools and resources to allow that person to coexist in a world that can be scary and overwhelming.

The family I have created with Alyssa, Courtney, and Christina is just that. And it’s only because they see your child for who he or she is, and meet them where they are at. They consult with you as the caregiver to find what your goals are and help you come up with realistic strategies to get there. No idea is too out there as our children are unique and they thrive when the tribe helping them along the way sees and honors that beauty.  The world of having a differently abled child is confusing at times; however, these wonderful professionals have helped my family tremendously with navigating through the rough waters. My son has worked with this team for over 7 years.  They are completely committed advocates for our journey. They understand it, and are the most delightful tour guides. Because they all work so closely together they share successes!  Their experience allows them to collaborate and come up with the most amazing plans!  Time isn’t lost with having to regroup and get everyone on the same page, because they talk all the time!  It doesn’t end with the sessions either, when they say they are committed to helping you? They mean it. Sitting in a room full of educators who are essentially deciding my son’s future was a lot to chew, but they were in the chairs right next to me! My beautiful earth angels came to a PPT, and many more after that one.  They have been there every single step of the way and not only helped my daughter and my son, they have also made me the best advocate I can be for them. They gave me words as well and have personally held my hand whenever I needed them to, and have been that shoulder to cry on once or twice too. These ladies have been there for every milestone, and while I give my children the utmost praise, I know what we have achieved is because of Alyssa, Courtney, and Christina.  I am forever indebted for the power they gave me to help my children.

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