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Britt and MegHan

Our son began receiving services under Alyssa and Christina’s guidance when he aged out of Birth23.  Together they not only helped him find language but play, friendship, and self-advocacy skills as well.  When he began to struggle with anxiety and regress in his public pre-school, we chose to enroll him with more extensive services and it was life-changing for our whole family.  We cannot say thank you enough – Alyssa, Christina and Courtney truly understand our son and embraced his quirks, developed individualized plans to help him learn, and nurtured him to become his best self in ALL aspects of his life.  Our now seven-year-old has more independence than we could have imagined and is able to integrate into general education schooling.  We are so very appreciative.  Seeing our son’s confidence soar is the best gift he (and we) could have ever received.

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