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Meet the Team

Somewhere Over the Spectrum would not be the team and family we are without the tribe of individuals by our side, shining their hearts and passion on each and every family and child we work with.   

We are always looking for new individuals to join our tribe who share a similar intention and passion for working with our children and families.  Please feel free to inquire online or reach out to our center to discuss any employment opportunities.

Somewhere Over the Spectrum, LLC

120 Webster Square Road

Berlin, CT  06037


Senior ABA Therapist

Abena Asante

Abena graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in communication. She hopes to pursue her master’s soon and continue working with children. Her favorite part about being an ABA therapist is how different, but fun each day is and getting to learn new things from each child she works with. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and watch movies. 

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Founder, CEO & Executive Director

Alyssa Greig


ABA Therapist

Andrea Filbert

Andrea has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Andrea has a love for working with children with autism and has chosen Somewhere Over the Spectrum as a place to work to be a part of an organization that promotes change and makes a positive impact on young individuals’ lives, in a natural, holistic, and fun way. Her favorite part about the job is that the environment is so exciting and fulfilling that work never feels like work. She enjoys getting to play with children all day and learn more about each child and their goofy personalities, as well as build strong bonds with her clients and peers. She hopes to become a therapist for children and families in the future, but also feels she may want to explore the field of Behavioral Psychology and create her own clinic/private practice someday.


Seasonal ABA Therapist

anne Pascale

Anne is a school social worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut. She loves working with children of all ages and finds so much joy in trying to make a positive impact with her clients and students! In her free time, Anne loves to go to the beach and spend time with family and friends! 

Somewhere over CT 2021-28.jpg

Founder, CCO & Clinical Director


Christina WelcH



IMG_7961 2.heic

ABA Therapist

Dominique Poteau

Dominique has worked in early childhood for 7 years now. Her favorite part about working with children is helping them grow and reach their full potential! She is excited to bring her energetic and nurturing personality to the Somewhere Over the Spectrum team! During her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her two sons. 



ABA Therapist

Emily Kyle

Emily is actively pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology hoping to pursue a career in clinical or developmental psychology. Emily hopes to pursue her Master’s once completing her Bachelor’s and possibly her Doctorate as well. She stepped into the field of ABA to gain knowledge and experience of all kinds, which she also began to love! Emily’s favorite part about working at SOS is becoming a special friend to her clients when they walk through the door each morning with a big smile.


Senior ABA Therapist

Erin Karlsen

Erin enjoys spending free time with her family outdoors, paddle boarding or snowboarding depending on the season. She has always enjoyed working with children and finds it so fulfilling to have such an important impact on her clients each and every day. Her favorite part of her job is the great privilege to work with such amazing, genuine, and kindhearted children. 


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Mentor ABA Therapist

Haley Allen

Haley is an ABA Therapist with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Studies and a minor in Psychology from Western New England University. Haley’s favorite part about her job is building relationships and seeing the growth and direct impact she can have on a child’s everyday life! In her free time, Haley enjoys taking her dog for walks and spending time with her friends and family. Haley hopes to bring positivity, comfort, and trust to Somewhere Over the Spectrum as well as the children and families that we work with.



Hannah Haggerty

Hannah is a BCBA who earned a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Saint Joseph. She began her career working with children on the spectrum without any knowledge of the field and quickly fell in love! She strives to help children become more independent and build meaningful connections with others around them. She is passionate about supporting both children and their families in learning and growing together.


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Clinical Assistant

Hillary Allard

Hillary graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in human development and family studies. After becoming an ABA therapist, Hillary realized that is where her passion lies and she has started school in the Fall of 2022, to pursue her Master's Degree in ABA. Hillary hopes to become a BCBA once she finishes her Master's Degree so that she can continue to work with children on the spectrum and make a difference in their lives. In her free time, Hillary loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband and their dog.


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Mentor ABA Therapist

Jason Szalaty

Jason has a Bachelor's in Psychological science, with a minor in sociology.  He chose this path because he loves to work in a child-centered environment that allows him to release his inner child. Jason hopes to bring smiles to friends and family and learning experiences the kiddos will never forget. He wants to put his heart into these experiences that will shape the future success for all the kids.  In his free time, Jason enjoys drawing and staying connected with friends and family overseas.  In the future, Jason dreams of working 1 on 1 with clients in a clinical setting, maybe even opening up his own clinic at some point.  Jason’s favorite part about the job is the learning experience. Through communication, understanding, and some fun, Jason enjoys the progression of trust and partnership with his clients and his fellow peers. 



JessY Esposito

Jessy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has always had a passion for helping her clients learn. She graduated with a Master's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Connecticut State University. Jessy has worked with clients of various ages, backgrounds and unique needs for 9 years and loves to be a part of those “ah-ha!” moments with them and their families. In her free time, Jessy loves spending time with her family playing games, going to the beach and hiking. 


Honorary ABA Therapist

John Dokurno

John has experience working with students on the autism spectrum, helping students in elementary and middle schools. He enjoys helping students to develop their abilities, and has a unique way of making it fun! He is interested in learning more about psychology and in deepening his understanding of successful teaching/coaching approaches. John loves spending time outdoors, fly fishing, and hiking.




Kathy Laporte

From her earliest recollections, Kathy has always wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to do something in her life where she could make the “most difference.” One of her greatest desires is to cultivate a love of learning and a love for life in all children ~ helping them to see their unique value and individual worth.  Kathy developed a love for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) over the years and creatively
embeds it throughout her teaching. She loves all things nature, including birdwatching, kayaking, trail walking, and enjoying cozy bonfires with family and friends. Kathy wants to continue to further develop in her field and hopes to spark joy all around!



Program Assistant

Lydia Brewer

Lydia graduated from Temple University in the spring of 2020 with a degree in Africology and African-American Studies & Spanish. Ever since moving back home to Connecticut, she's been very lucky and very blessed to have found a home at Somewhere Over the Spectrum. Her journey into the world of ABA started only a year ago, but she's found her niche in doing something she loves with coworkers and clients who make every day successful and exciting!  Lydia is excited to continue her journey of growth at Somewhere Over the Spectrum. 


Somewhere over CT 2021-36.jpg

Office Manager

Tracy Poole

Tracy brings her enthusiasm to help others along with 10+ years of Medical Office operations experience.  She enjoys providing support and guidance to families of children with special needs, especially at times when those families are unsure of so many things.  In her own words, she has said “It’s seeing the small miracles that happen every day that motivates me to fight for the needs of the children.”  In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her family and dog.

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Occupational Therapist - OTR/L

Alissa Gandiaga

Alissa received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Saint Joseph and her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Bay Path University. She is registered with the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy and worked in a variety of settings including the school setting, pediatric outpatient therapy, home health, and skilled nursing. Her love for holistic practice and working with the pediatric population guided her to Occupational Therapy. Outside of her work, Alissa enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, yoga, pilates and playing soccer.


Mentor ABA Therapist

Alyssa Zimmitti

Alyssa is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She has lots of experience working with children and has always had a passion and interest in working with kids with intellectual disabilities. What she finds most interesting when working with children on the spectrum is that every day is a new day and each day brings new challenges with the opportunity to learn something new about her clients that she is devoting her time with. As an ABA Therapist, her goal is to help children become more independent and confident and leave a mark on their lives. In her free time, Alyssa loves spending time with family/friends, listening to music and spending time outdoors.


ABA Therapist

Anna Karas

Anna graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in gerontology. She decided to work with children after years of experience with the elderly population assisting in rehabilitation; bringing her kindness and patience to a new meaningful direction working with children who need help learning in various ways. Seeing them each morning brightens up her day to see how silly and how much character they have; making every day full of joy and surprises.  For Anna the most fulfilling part as an ABA therapist is experiencing the progress, growth, and knowing she can make an impact in their life.



ABA Therapist

Anyira Barnes

Anyira studied Allied Health Sciences with a Psychology Minor at the University of Connecticut. She decided on this career route since she is highly compassionate toward people in need. Anyira wants to support and raise awareness for families and kids. She also intends to contribute her upbeat attitude and tenaciousness to Somewhere Over the Spectrum. Anyira enjoys spending time with her family, and friends, and traveling. She wants to assist as many families and kids as she can in the field in the future. Her favorite aspect of her profession is how satisfying it is and how it touches her personally because she has an autistic little brother.

Somewhere over CT 2021-19.jpg

Founder, COO & Operations Director


Courtney WelcH


Mentor ABA Therapist

Elvira Osmanovic

Elvira graduated from Endicott College with a bachelor's degree in Educational Studies. She fell in love with the field of ABA during her internship at an ABA-based school program in Bedford, MA. Elvira plans to receive her master's degree in ABA within the following year. Her favorite part about being an ABA Therapist is being able to help children on the spectrum find their strengths and reach their full potential independently. She finds the role to be very rewarding for both sides, the client/family and the therapist. Not one child is the same and that's what makes it so special to her!"



ABA Therapist

Erin Massey

Erin started working with children with ASD when she was in 6th grade and the more she worked with this community the more she fell in love with the uniqueness of each individual. She hopes to make a difference each day with the kids finding ways to make them smile as well as give them the tools to be successful in all aspects of the community, and help their families see the growth their children make each and every day. In her free time Erin loves being active in the outdoors, hiking, skiing, camping, boating, and being with her friends and family. 


IMG_6925 2.heic

Scheduling Assistant

Gina Pannazzo

Gina has been working in special education for 10 years. She has been in ABA for 3 years! Gina chose to become an ABA therapist because of her passion of working with children with autism and watching their daily progress and them grow! Gina hopes to bring her clients and their family positivity, calmness and daily growth! In her free time, Gina spends every second with her two sons! Gina's future aspirations are to become a BCBA! Gina's favorite part of her job is celebrating the small victories with client's and their family. She loves to watch the excitement in her client's when they have mastered one of their goals! 


ABA Therapist

Hannah Evans

Hannah is an ABA therapist who has a strong passion for helping children on the spectrum achieve their goals. She has experience working with many different age groups, from early childhood to middle school. Her favorite part of working with children on the spectrum is seeing the amazing growth they are capable of when given the proper tools. She is excited to bring her skills and knowledge to the tribe at Somewhere Over The Spectrum!



ABA Therapist

Hazel Rivera Rodriguez



ABA Therapist

Janice Maye

Janice has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has twenty years of experience working with individuals with disabilities of all ages but her passion and reason for entering this field has always been to help young children learn and grow. During her free time she enjoys reading, walking with her dog and friends, hiking, canoeing and kayaking.



Jonathan Sanchez

Jonathan is a bilingual Board Certified Behavior Analysis and LBA in CT. He graduated with a Master's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Saint Joseph. Jonathan has been in the field working with children on the spectrum for the past 8 years. He strives to improve the lives of his clients by fostering independence while also supporting their families for the most positive growth. In his free time, Jonathan is passionate about playing piano, dancing, and spending time with family.



Seasonal ABA Therapist

Joe Molski

Joe Molski is a Speech-Language Pathology graduate student at the University of Rhode Island where he earned his BS in Communicative Disorders and conducted research into how adolescents with ASD communicate.  He chose this career path to help create a future where communication is accessible to all and aspires to develop tools and technologies which will assist others in communicating and interacting with the world.  His favorite part about working in this field is seeing the excitement and joy of clients when they exceed their own goals and expectations.


ABA Therapist

Kalee Trinh

Kalee graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Human Development & Family Sciences and Speech Language Hearing Sciences and a minor in Psychology. She aims to earn a Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology and stumbled upon this field during her journey in gaining experience working with children on the spectrum. Her favorite part about the job is being able to witness the amazing progress that each child makes when given the proper tools and support. She looks forward to growing alongside her clients and hopes to bring positivity & kindness to Somewhere Over the Spectrum. 


ABA Therapist

Lawton Young

.Lawton is from Delaware. She received her Bachelors Degree at Delaware State University in Psychology. She enjoys working with kids and helping them discover their best selves. She finds being in this field very fulfilling, exciting, and simply fun! She loves art and being able to have fun with art with kids. Her favorite part about the job is that you get to have fun all day and help make an impact in a child’s life at the same time. Lawton hopes to become a BCBA with her own clinic one day. 


IMG_2198 2.heic

ABA Therapist

Michelle Blake

Michelle has always been passionate about creativity, helping others, and making an impact. Since being introduced to the world of ABA, she has enjoyed working with children with autism and their families.  Michelle's most treasured part of her job is seeing children grow and blossom into their full potential. She herself aspires to grow in the field by learning and mastering new techniques and skills as an ABA Therapist in the natural and holistic environment of Somewhere Over the Spectrum.

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